Rebecca Wakefield is 

Specialist in Female Hormonal Health 
Hi, I’m Rebecca a registered nutritionist with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). 
My focus as a nutritionist is supporting my clients to identify the root cause of their ill health and which foods and lifestyle choices are perpetuating this. 
I am passionate about the science of nutrition and my recommendations are evidenced based and supported by functional testing. 

Food doesn’t need to be pretty to be functional. 

Behind the scenes I’m a chocolate eating, prosecco loving mum of three, dog owner, goose keeper, netball player and fan of hot yoga. 
Unlike many other nutritionists, I don’t post pictures of pretty food surrounded by petals because my food never looks pretty and as a rule kids and partners don’t really care. 
What is important to me is that each meal provides the nutrients required by that individual to support their health. 
What makes me a good nutritionist is that I can relate to the many symptoms of hormonal imbalance from my own health journey and understand the challenges for women trying to implement changes that benefit their health whilst juggling family, work and other commitments. 
So it's important you get the right support. 

But what even is Nutritional therapy? And Why should you consider using a Nutritional Therapist? 

Before my dad died, I had never even heard of it. I went to the doctor like everyone else, described my problem within my ten-minute slot and went home with my prescription. 
But my dad had cancer, that’s not the sort of problem that can be solved in ten minutes!! The reasons behind chronic health conditions are as complex and unique as the individual. 
Conventional medicine treatment is centred around pharmaceutical drugs. Drugs for the illness, drugs for the pain, drugs for the side effects of the drugs and so on!! 

Your story is key. 

Nutritional therapists are like heath detectives. I focus on prevention and finding the root cause of your health conditions and YOUR story is the most important piece of that puzzle. 
I want to know your health history, your stress levels, how much you exercise, the environments you live and work in and obviously what you eat. I build a supportive relationship with my clients and to do that takes more than ten minutes! Usually three or more, 1-hour consultations taken over several months. 

Why do I do it? 

I love to see the joy on my client’s faces, when they feel so much better after making a few simple changes to their nutrition and lifestyle, but most importantly for me it’s about empowering people with informed choice. 
If you are looking to buy a new car and go shopping at an Audi garage, they will only sell you an Audi. 
Conventional medicine is changing slowly with offerings of some complementary therapies; however, their pharmaceutical model of symptom management still dominates. 
So, if you want to buy an Audi that’s great, but make sure you shop around first and discover the wide range of healthcare therapies available to you as well. 
Unfortunately for my dad, we just weren’t aware of the choices available. 
If you want to know how Nutritional Therapy can help you, please contact me for a free 20-minute chat to discuss whether I am the right practitioner for you and what services I offer. 

I specialise in all areas of female health including: 

Period health 
Fibrocystic breasts 
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